Thursday, October 28, 2010

Megan, the actor.

My friend is in a directing class this semester and she had to direct a scene of her choice and pick inexperienced actors. She picked a scene from an old children's version of Cinderella. She asked me to be Cinderella's talking cat, Ashes. At first, I wasn't so sure because I have never really acted before and I can't memorize anything to save my life! But I agreed to do it after seeing the script. It turned out to be a ton of fun! It was fun to just get into character and be a cat for a while. My other friend was Cinderella, so it was fun to work with her. And it was fun to meet our Prince Charming (if I ever run into him on campus, that's what I'll call him!). Our whole group had a blast during rehearsals and our acting skills all improved - at least a little.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Book Review: Spellwright by Blake Charlton

Blake Charlton is dyslexic. He was able to overcome it by reading fantasy novels in seventh grade. That inspired him to write. Spellwright is his first novel, and it is an outstanding one. It follows the story of a cacographer, the equivalent of a dyslexic wizard - he misspells spells left and right. He ends up becoming part of a major prophecy even though a few years before it was determined that he was not the one the prophecy spoke of. This novel was very well thought out and I was very impressed. It was very unique and creative. It was a bit obvious that this is Charlton's fist novel, but he has more to follow and I am sure his writing will only improve. He plays with words a lot, which I enjoy. It was fun to read a completely brand new fantasy novel.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Book Review: The Tree House by Doug Thayer

This semester I am in a Latter-Day Saint Literature class. We just finished reading The Tree House by Doug Thayer. It is a novel about a Mormon boy named Harris who grew up in Provo, Utah. It is a coming-of-age novel and follows Harris as he grows up, goes through high school, serves a mission, and gets drafted to fight in Korea during the Korean War. At the beginning of the book, Harris has normal worries that any teenage boy would have, like getting a job so he can earn money to buy a car when he turns sixteen so he can take girls on dates. Harris also goes through dozens of trials that are hard for some of us to imagine coping with, but at the same time he has some trials that many Latter-Day Saints go through, like gaining a testimony. The book is divided into sections starting with Harris' young life in Provo, then following him on his mission to Germany right after World War II, then to Korea to fight in the trenches, and at the end it wraps back to Provo, Utah. The writing style of this book is unique; Thayer writes mostly in short, choppy sentences, kind of like a young man would think. I personally enjoyed Thayer's writing style. The Tree House was not a particularly exciting novel, but I feel like it had good messages and ideas. I enjoyed the section about his mission, but the part about Korea was hard for me to get through. Overall, I think this book is one that most Latter-Day Saints should read.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

poofy hair and Converse

The other night, my roommate and I went to a UVU Institute Halloween dance. Nikki, my roommate, goes to UVU. We decided to dress up all 80's. It was really fun! We googled 80's stuff and referenced the Cosby Show for some fashion advice. We cut old t-shirts so they would be off-the-shoulder and we wore lots of eye shadow. We were able to improvise leg warmers by wearing tall socks over our skinny jeans. The dance was a lot of fun and basically Nikki and I looked awesome. :)

"what do I do? oh, I just get paid to stand in stairwells..."

Today I worked at the stadium for the football game. This other girl and I were putting napkins and spoons in all the Loges (the boxes where fancy people sit). There are two floors of Loges. We were trying to go up a floor so we could finish, but we got locked in the stairwell! We weren't in there very long, but it was kind of ridiculous. Luckily, the girl I was with had a different girl's number who also works at Catering, and luckily we had our cell phones. So she called the other girl who then radioed our Captain, who then came to rescue us. So today I got paid to stand in a stairwell.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Goodbye Summer

Utah has decided to ditch summer. I dislike this decision. This week it's been rainy and very cloudy and we've had some thunder and lightning. Now, I'm excited about the rain because I'm an Oregonian, but I will miss sitting outside in the sun. And Utah seems to have the shortest fall possible. Last year, it seemed to jump from summer to winter, and I'm hoping it'll be bit different this year. But at least I work inside for football games this year, so I won't freeze during work. Mt. Timp has snow, so the rest of the mountains will follow soon. Goodbye Summer! I'll miss you!