Tuesday, March 23, 2010

my Memory is out to get Me

Today is Tuesday. I have a test in English 293 today. My plan had been to study for it over the weekend and on Monday so that by today I would feel ready. Apparently, my memory had a different plan. I completely forgot all about the test. It was 11:30 Monday night when my memory decided to let me know that I had a test the next day. Of course over the weekend I remembered other homework and less important things that I needed to do, but this big test failed to come forward. So today I got up early and I've been studying for this test non-stop. Surprisingly, I feel pretty good about it. I think I'll do ok. Wish me luck!
And memory, please don't do this again. Thanks.

Monday, March 15, 2010

the benefits of Catering

I work at BYU Catering. My pay is ridiculous. Basically nothing. One of my Captains pointed out that we get paid better in food than money. After work/on break, we can eat leftover food. That means chicken or steak or ham or salmon, mashed potatoes, vegetables, salad, rolls, fruit, and dessert! The best desserts are the cake and peach cobbler. Sometimes the food we eat costs up to $15+ a plate! We also get to know the codes to locked-to-normal-people doors in the WILK. And we get to ride in and operate the big equipment elevators. One other benefit is sometimes we get to take things home. Last time I worked, the Closer had a bouquet of yellow daffodils. She said, "who wants these?" Who do you think got them? ME! I love yellow flowers and those happy flowers made a long day at work totally worth it...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

hello Saturday

In case anyone was wondering, my friend is going to Riverside, California, English speaking. He reports to the MTC in July. He will be an hour and 15 minutes away from Jordan if you drive it.
Utah decided to be Canada yesterday. It snowed a ton in the morning and then the top turned into ice, so last night it was all crunchy ice-snow. Not very fun to play with. Snow angels were quite tricky.
It's Tanner's birthday today! Happy Birthday Tanner! He's turning 15 - and taking his permit test today. So exciting!
Saturday is here so it's a day for laziness and fun (at least for a college student). Today's agenda: see New Moon at the dollar theater, go to a Volleyball game, and go to a luau. Aloha Saturday!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


There's nothing better than fun weather and a breeze going through your room to make you smile! It's been sunny and rainy today and I love both! The smell of rain is heavenly. And turning in a paper and getting an A on a Book of Mormon quiz definitely help the smiling. It's been a good day and my friend getting his mission call makes it even better! He's waiting to open it till tonight - who knows where he's going???
sMiLE :)