Friday, August 8, 2008

Stephenie Meyer

I just finished one of the best book series EVER! The Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer are amazing! Her writing has improved throughout the series. The final book, Breaking Dawn, was definitely the darkest and had the fastest pace. I think it was her best, though. Throughout the series, she puts in clues that show up in the end. The Twilight series is one you can reread and find new things each time. Stephenie Meyer is now my favorite author. I will reread all her books over and over.


rmark98 said...

really? about that last book being the best...? i thought the first was by far the best.... anyways i think it all worked out like.....anyone who is reading this comment and who cares about the books stop reading here.... anyways i thought it turned out too perfect you know what i mean?

Krista said...

Who is your favorite author now?