Saturday, February 14, 2009


Today I went with Emily Gregson to the Reynold's farm. The run dog kennels and a doggie day care. Emily and I played with the dogs for about 4 hours. It was so fun! There were a lot of dogs: Cody, Bo, Gracie, Bailey, Bailey, Annie, Lilly, Kermit, Jackson, Google and Mac. I think I got them all. Plus part of the time the Reynold's dog, Preston, was with us, and pat of the time Emily's dog, Mazie, was there. It was way fun! I love all those dogs! Bo was "in charge", Cody was big and such sweetheart, Gracie like to get in your face, Google and Lilly like to run and egg everyone on, the Bailey's were so sweet, Annie was a sweetheart, Mac was delightful, Jackson was funny, and Kermit...well...he's learning to cooperate.
I loved all those dogs! And normally I'm scared of big dogs that get in my face, but today I wasn't! I stayed calm the whole time. It was so awesome!
20 days till Maui!

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