Friday, January 29, 2010

Alie and the Sisterz in Suits

On Wednesday, January 27, 2010, Helaman Halls had a talent show. A group of friends and I particiapated. We were the group Alie and the Sisterz in Suits. Alie changed the lyrics to the song "I Need a Hero" and it became "I Need and RM". So Alie sang and 3 other friends and I were back-up dancers. The back-up dancers wore white button-up shirts and ties. It was tons of fun! And guess who won first place?! WE DID! We got two coupons each for a free scoop of Creamery ice cream and Helaman Halls t-shirts. We had a blast and we're all a little bummed that it's over. If you have a Facebook, go to my page to watch the video! It's called "I Need an RM".

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Melanie said...

Megan--congrats!! I bet you totally loved the talent show and even more so winning it!