Monday, September 6, 2010

Back at BYU as a SOPHMORE

Yup, true story. I am now a Sophmore at BYU! I'm living in an apartment that's about 17 minutes from the middle of campus. I still work at BYU Catering and I'm still an English major. My roommates are great and classes aren't so bad either. I've gotten tons of goofy injuries and it's only been one week! I smooshed my hand between a door and a cart at Catering and it got scratched up and bruised. Then I scraped my hand - the same one- on my wall while trying to make my bed. And then just today, I scraped my basket across my leg by accident and now I have a big old ugly scratch. It's apparently the year for getting beat up but hopefully we won't have a repeat of the Dishwasher Incident! I would LOVE to get some letters! Here's my address:
1565 N University Ave. Lodge #159
Provo, UT 84604

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