Monday, December 27, 2010

The Days After Christmas

Jessica and I both got very exciting presents from Tanner this year. I got a Momo toy and Jessica got an Appa! (For those of you who are confused, those are creatures from Avatar: the Last Aibender.) Murry keeps trying to get them, so they have to stay out of reach. Dad thinks they are creepy, mostly because of Momo's eyes, but Appa does have six legs...whatever. We like them.

Another exciting present is the fact that we are going to head up to Seattle tomorrow to go see a Harry Potter exhibit! We are all pretty excited. We will see it tomorrow and then head to our cousins who I haven't seen in quite a while. It'll be very fun!

I gave mom tickets to go see Tangled this week. And our family is going to go see the new Narnia movie. And then Numbers Dinner on New Years Eve of course. So, as you can see, this week will be a very exciting one! Some people say the days after Christmas are depressing, I say Keep Celebrating!

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