Monday, June 30, 2008

The Funny Flight Attendant

So, on my flight home from Salt Lake, the flight attendant was hilarious!
"This may surprise you: We do have a smoking section on this flight. (I went Whaaat?) It is located on the wings. You will truly experience Gone With The Wind. Smoking in the cabin is not allowed. Smoking in the bathrooms is not allowed. Tampering with smoke detectors will give you a $2,000 fine. And, frankly, if you could spend that much, you wouldn't be flying Southwest."
"The pressure in the cabin is not scheduled to change today. If it was, I wouldn't have come to work. If it does, though, stop panicking as soon as the oxygen masks drop down. Help yourself first, then your child. If you have more than one child, help the one with the most potential first, then work your way down from there."
"If this flight becomes a cruise, inflate the life vest and swim like you've never swam before. We'll be right behind you with the beer and peanuts. When we reach land, we'll have a luau."
When the flight attendants come down the rows to check the overhead compartments he said, "And now Drew and Sheri will come by to show off their armpits."
He was pretty funny! I was laughing so hard!


Anonymous said...

so...i've had a guy like that before... it was funny he was like if you are caught smoking you will be asked to step outside....or on time another was like....the smoking section is on the wings...if you can hold on you can smoke all you want :) it was funny... so hows it been going?

Megz said...

i like it better when flight attendants are funny. ususally they are so boring and serious! they're too uptight!

Anonymous said...

ya...i know what you mean.... it's really boring... we had this really funny and nice guy on our way to Tokyo it really helped cause the flight was like 12 hours....he like actually came up and talked to us for like 10 minutes...and was helping me with soduko and showing me tricks