Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hansen Family Reunion

I got back home on Tuesday from my Hansen Family Reunion. It was in Rexburg, Idaho, at a ranch called Westover Ranch. We slept in tents or trailers, but there was a main building with bathrooms, a kitchen, and a main room. We had 140 people attend, we were only missing 13. It's everyone in the Hansen family from my Great-Grandma and down. She turned 90 earlier this year! Anyway, it was a lot of fun! Here's some funny/fun memories:
Klydie - she's 2 and so cute! I first met her because she wanted some chips, but they were too high for her to reach. So I gave her some chips and I became her best friend! She's adorable!
Hatch - He's also 2 and really cute! He is allergic to lots of things, though. He wore t-shirts that said things like "stop - don't feed me!" and "I have food allergies!" He can even tell you what he's allergic to. He says, "Eggies and peanuts!"
Capture the Flag - a group of us, mostly 10 and older, played Capture the Flag one night. It was cold, and the grass was wet, but it was kinda fun. My team lost, mostly cuz I was busy looking for my chap stick. It was dark and I couldn't find it! The next night they went to the sand dunes to play, but I didn't go. I read Twilight instead. They didn't get back until 3 am!
Football - A group of us played a game called football. We played from 11 to 2 on the last night. We were so tired! It got really funny! If you mess up, you get a punishment. Russel had to talk like a cowboy and pretend he was riding a horse every time he talked. Alex had to talk in "whale" like Dory. Eddie had to waddle like a penguin. I had to say everything twice. It was a lot of fun! Plus, we had to call Desiree the "Head Hooligan of the Holy Hansen Household." We were all so tired; people kept messing up her name, which gives you a punishment. We started saying things like, "Head Honcho Hooligan of the Hood" It was hilarious!
So I had a lot of fun! There's more stories, but they'd be better in person.

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Anonymous said...

wow...sounds like you had lots of fun....did you guys sleep in a tent or trailers? anyways...glad you had fun