Saturday, October 18, 2008

guys? who needs 'em?

Hey all you girls out there! News flash: Guys are ridiculous! Don't worry about them. Hang out with all your awesome girl friends instead! Go shopping, watch chick flicks, blast music and dance!
One time, I went to Target with my best girl friend, and we searched the make up aisles for the cheapest product. Turned out it was lip gloss. We both bought some. And another time, we went to Fred Meyer, and just had a blast with all the crazy colors of nail polish!
I've gone to stores with my girl friends and we tried on all the funky sunglasses and took funny pictures! It was so fun!
We've gone to Best Buy and tried all the demo games.
Go try on Prom dresses at any store. Take tons of pictures. Its so much fun!
Girl time is so great! Who needs guys? Not me!

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