Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today (random)

Today. I love to write. Eric's sink was broken, the water just went sploosh! into the cabinets = hilarious! I like carving pumpkins, but not "taking out the guts". I need to watch The Emperors Club. I need to write an essay for Government (very boring class). I love fall because of the crunchy leaves and the trees are gorgeous! Go TuHS! I made a video with Amanda and Eric for Amanda's media arts project = tons of fun and totally hilarious! Don't think I don't think about it. Tons of duct tape. Boys are crazily ridiculous. I don't like FST. I love orange Tootsie Pops! Get me a popsicle! I'm behind on The Office. Tired. They don't act like they're going out. How annoying! Makaea and Tydan. Between my shoulder blades is ticklish. I have Mulit-cul! Penterosis. Ibach park. It was sunny. Need a book to read. Should I? Sounds good. Sad story. $20. Subway for lunch = yum! False! I love country! Wish I could quit. Crazy. Laughing almost too much. Talk to Eric for forever. Miss Allie. Need to work on other stuff. Thought about BTBY. Miss Jenny. Can't wait for Thanksgiving! 58ish days till Christmas. E-mail me! Soccer game. Pep band. Understand. Screaming! Wish I could go to the Carrie Underwood concert. Sick of school. Senior-itis. Beauty and the Beast. Sonic. Call! Need to stop this random post...

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