Saturday, November 15, 2008

my friday to today

Yesterday, I had a blast! I went to Sonic (so good!) with Emily, Elise and Mazie. Then there was the football game vs. McNary. We won 41 to 7! Woohoo! Then I went to Emily's and we watched the 3rd Lord of the Rings. I have finally seen them all! They're pretty good. I didn't like that Frodo left at the end, though. So we stayed up till 2:30 watching the movie, and then Eric had to call at 9:00 am, and my phone ringing woke me up, so I'm oober tired. (Yawn!) Haha. So, yesterday was tons of fun! And I just finished writing my "why I want to go to BYU" essay. Yay! so, this weekend has been good so far. :)

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