Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast + November = RAIN/WIND.
But I had fun anyway! We went to the Yakwina (sp??) Lighthouse. It's Oregon's tallest. It was really cool. I saw tons of seagulls (What do you call a bird that flies over the bay? A BAYgull! HAHAHA!!) and we saw seals. Way cool. We went to an aquarium and saw the octopus get fed. Oober cool (Woot to Amanda!). And we played on the windy beach for about an hour. I flew my - er, Robbie's - $1.00 Bratz kite. Super fun. And we played frisbee and stuff. We went swimming at the hotel pool. And watched Princess Bride. Best movie EVER! Anybody want a peanut? Tehe!
Woohoo to Oregon!

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