Tuesday, December 16, 2008

SNOW!!!!! Lots of it!!

It definitely snowed all day on Sunday. Yesterday we had no school. And no school again today. We're supposed to get more snow tomorrow. And the temp isn't suppose to get above freezing this week, so the snow/ice will not melt! We might not have school all week! That would mean a three week Christmas break! And you might be thinking, "Well, yeah that's fun now, but it's not when you have to make it up in June..." But, I am a Senior. Graduation is on June 3rd, NO MATTER WHAT! So I won't have to make it up!! Woohoo!!! C'mon snow!!

3 days till Allie gets home!! (Hopefully, with all the snow/ice, her plane will get in no problem. I'm slightly concerned. But I haven't heard bad news from the Portland airport, so it should be ok.)
9 days till Christmas! (Maybe it will be white!!)

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