Saturday, October 10, 2009

CTR Ring

So almost a month ago, my CTR ring disappeared. I had gone to work, but I was put in charge of frying, so I put my CTR ring in my pocket. Well, due to all the grease on the ground around the fryers, my jeans (that I love) got caked in grease on the hems. I hurried home and ran down to the laundry room. I hung my jeans with the pockets pointing down on the washer door to spray stain remover all over my jeans. Then I threw them in the washer. About 10 minutes later I freaked cuz my CTR ring was STILL IN THE POCKET!!!!! But they wahsers lock, so I couldn't check. 30 minutes later, I went down and threw my jeans in the dryer. 5 minutes after that, I remembered about my CTR ring. I ran back down the 4 flights of stairs and opened the dryer (they don't lock). My CTR ring was nbot in the dryer or the washer or my pockets. I was sooo upset. I checked the floors in the laundry room, hallways, and my room. No ring. So I put up a bunch of signs around my building telling people I had lost my CTR ring and I gave my name, number, and room. No one found it. I kept getting girls asking if I was the one who lost it, but none of them had seen it. I was pretty much ready to give up. I even planned on buying a new CTR ring, and I almost did yesterday. But this morning, my phone rang. I almost didn't answer because I get so many srong numbers all the time. The girl on the other end said she thought she found my CTR ring. She said she was in the laundry room and that it was on the counter. I sprinted down there. It was my ring!!!!! After almost a month of not having my CTR ring, it is BACK! Woohoo! So that is the exciting CTR ring story. The End.

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