Thursday, November 5, 2009


For Halloween I was a ninja! My friend Jordan and I dressed up in all black and went as ninjas. Some people were confused, they asked if we were burglers and thieves. They obviously do not know real ninjas when they encounter them.
We went to Todd and Allison's for their annual doughnut and cider party! Todd and family were charcters from the Wizard of Oz, with Molly as Toto. Allie was a very good gypsy/genie.
It was a pretty exciting Halloween. I didn't go trick or treating, but I got tons of candy from multiple people. Halloween is still one of my favorite holidays.

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mlmitton said...

Eli dressed up as a pumpkin, and he got all the candy he's able to eat. Susie was a cowgirl--it's really just one of her normal outfits, and she adds a hat and a large belt buckle. I didn't get a single piece of candy, but then I didn't dress up.