Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the attack of the ants

Due to lack of dry weather, the Mitton home has been attacked by ants. Thankfully, the Mitton's were able to retaliate quickly and have stood their ground against the horrible foe of tiny insects. The Mitton's have now switched the status quo and they are on the offensive. The ants numbers are slowly depleting. They have suffered drownings, squashings, and vacuumings. The ants are still fighting, though. Their numbers are way down, but they know when to attack and where. And sometimes when the Mitton's walk away from doing the dishes, an enemy ant will hitch a ride and travel with them until the Mitton notices and immediately kills the sneaky ant. The battle is still going, but hopefully the Mitton's will claim their victory soon.


A Mitton said...

I hope they're gone by the time I get home. Does Murry like to eat them?

Megz said...

actually, yes. if he notices them though.