Friday, November 26, 2010


Disney's newest movie, Tangled, swept me off my feet! It was one of the cutest Disney movies ever! The villian wasn't nearly as creepy as the voo-doo guy in Princess and the Frog, and the songs were as fun as Mulan songs. The characters were fun, especially Rapunzel's side kick, Pascal. The story line was creative and not too cheesy. I was able to predict the climax, but I still thought it was well done and cute. I highly recommend this movie to everyone, no matter what age. I can now say I have a favorite Disney Princess - Rapunzel was that amazing! haha, and we have a cute feature in common...two, actually! What a great way to spend a Friday!


Katri said...

hmm...I guess I'll have to see it! wondering...what do you guys have in common? (since I haven't seen it...)

Megz said...

she has green eyes like me and she chops her hair off like I did! I LOVE her!!!