Sunday, January 16, 2011

6 Word...Something

In Creative Writing we talked about the original six word whatever (I've hear it called a six word memoir and a six word novel): "Baby shoes for sale, never worn." Then we were challenged to come up with our own.
One kid said: "Knock, walk, knock, walk. Two years." I liked that one.
I wrote a couple but this is the one my professor liked the best:
"Sister graduated; Prove is now lonely."
I love you Allie.


A Mitton said...


And Susie's brother has published a series of books that are six word memoirs, the first is called Not Quite What I Was Planning. You went with Mom to the reading at Powell's a couple years ago. There's one in it that Larry wrote for Susie:

Ran east, ran west, ran late.

I wrote one when the book was published:

Thanks; I always ask good questions.

Megz said...

Allie, I know about the books, silly. I'm the one who got it signed for you.