Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This is my first writing sample for my Creative Writing class. I love the song "Long Live" by Taylor Swift and I have been wanting to write about the things she describes for a while now. This was the perfect opportunity.

You said, “We’ll be remembered.” And I knew it was true. I looked down at my filthy, torn jeans and smiled. The mud was from climbing the mountains and the rips were from fighting the dragons. I knew I would always remember this moment.
The crowd below us cheered as we stepped out onto the wide balcony. You took my hand and raised our joined fists up into the air. I felt like dancing. I tried to take in all the sounds, sights, and feelings that I felt. I needed to remember this moment. The sun was drifting into the far-off mountains, sending a warm glow throughout the city. I could hear the blue and gold flags snapping in the refreshing breeze on the torrents above us.
I looked at you and saw the pride in your eyes. Your smile was a mirror of mine. I thought back to my other images of you. I squeezed your hand when I recalled the way you courageously held your head up as you brandished your sword at the fire-crazy dragons. I was so proud of you. That was the scariest moment of my life but you only let your bravery show.
I remembered when we were just kids sitting on the sidelines of life. We were the ones looking up at the balcony full of heroes. We admired the trophies they were given and wished it was us up there. They wore their crowns so majestically. And now it was us on that magical balcony.
I lifted my chin as they placed our crowns on our heads. The throng of spectators shouted “long live!” and confetti fell like snow in January. Our dreams were a reality now. I knew without looking at you that both of our faces were shinning.
We raised our trophies above our heads and I thought I would explode with pride and happiness. Those people were cheering for us. I had the time of my life in that moment and I knew it was a moment I would never forget.

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