Sunday, July 24, 2011

Book Review: To Catch A Prince by Gillian McKnight

I first saw this novel on the shelves at Barnes & Noble. Now, I'll let you in on my trick. I go to book stores and see a gajillion things I'd like to buy. But instead of spending money, I type the titles and authors into my phone and then request the books at the library. It's much cheaper. (College student, remember?)

Anyways, To Catch a Prince is about Alexis and Helene - best friends and stepsisters. They get to spend their summer in London doing internships: Alexis with Vogue, and Helene at an art gallery. Helene has a giant crush on Prince William, and to make things exciting this summer, the two girls make a bet. They will each try to "catch" Prince William by the end of the summer. Obviously, this causes rivalry and quite a few disagreements (between girls who hardly ever have a true argument). Throw in two very cute and flirty boys, and you get the perfect lying-on-a-hammock read.

I really enjoyed this book. It was just plain fun and cute, and I actually did read it while lying on a hammock. I am about to request the sequel from the library, so I think we can easily say that I recommend this book!

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