Saturday, July 9, 2011

Harry Potter Frenzy

The Oregonian (Oregon's state newspaper) posted this Harry Potter quiz today. Let me know how you do!

I am so crazy excited for this movie! I can't wait for Neville to show everyone how awesome he really is, because he really deserves some credit. Speaking of Neville, have you seen this? AH! He's so cool! Did you know that when they first started making the movies they were asking J.K. Rowling what they could cut to shorten the time, and they asked to cut Neville? The books were not done yet when they were making the first movie, so Rowling told them no. They asked why and she said she couldn't tell them. But really it's because he (SPOILER ALERT - but you should've read the books anyways!) is the one to kill Nagini. She couldn't cut him when he destroys a horcrux! And he's also important since he could've been the boy in the prophecy. He is so great.


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