Sunday, October 9, 2011

Book Review: La's Orchestra Saves the World by Alexander McCall Smith

A quick synopsis: Lavender, called La, goes through some marital problems at the beginning of the book, which lead her to move away from London to a little country town. World War 2 starts, and La helps the war effort by taking care of some chickens for a local farmer and by planting a ton of potatoes. She ends up starting an Orchestra to help keep people's spirits up during the tough times.
La has some insightful outlooks on the world, war, people, and life, which I found interesting. "So each of us...each one of us should do something to make life better for somebody, to change the course of events, even if only in the most local sense" (285). It was an interesting book, but I'm not sure I enjoyed it. I felt like it addressed quite a few issues and brought up some good points, but I feel like it never went in depth enough. The story almost seemed shallow; there were a few different story lines (and of course they intertwined) but the individual story lines were never penetrated deep enough for me to enjoy them. I like happy endings and complete wrap-ups, which wasn't necessarily the case with this novel. It was a very realistic story (and my aunt loves it) but it just wasn't my type of book. The writing was well done and also unique. I'm sorry I don't have a definite recommendation on this book - maybe you should read it and make an opinion for yourself. And, of course, if you choose to do so, leave a comment with your thoughts, please.
Happy reading!

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