Saturday, October 29, 2011


"Everyday at Timpanogos Regional Hospital, we've got front row seats to the miracle of birth. It's inspiring, but can also be difficult when considering how many babies are born into families where basic necessities are missing. That's why, during the month of November, MountainStar is donating 40,000 diapers to local non profits such as Community Action, Welcome Baby of Utah County and others."

I've been seeing this on an ad in my school's daily newspaper. I didn't actually read what it said until this morning. This is LITERALLY all you have to do:
2. click on the Diaper Drive link (on the left of the page, about halfway down)
3. click the large "Donate Diapers" button
It's 100% FREE on your part, all you have to do is CLICK
You just provided one day's worth of diapers to a family in need!

It's seriously that easy. They don't ask for money, or your email address or anything. All you need to do is click your mouse. It's basically the easiest act of service you could ever do. And you can click everyday up until the drive ends on Nov 12th.

"Those in abundance are to voluntarily sacrifice some of their comfort, time, skills, and resources to relieve the suffering of those in need." ~ President Henry B. Eyring

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