Wednesday, July 7, 2010

about a dozen trips to Safeway...

This year the Mitton's ended up on the Oregon Coast for our family reunion. Mitton family reunions are always an adventure. One year we had a Mitton's in The Mountains reunion in Colorado where almost everyone got the flu. Another year, we congregated around Mt. Hood and had a Root Beer tasting competition. We've gone on hikes, eaten at Mo's, and of course, at each reunion there is a contribution night.
This year we went on a hike that had a suspension bridge.

There were also some Tide Pool excursions.

It was a very fun reunion. I know I was sad to see every family go back home to their corresponding states. One thing we'll remember about this Mitton Family Reunion? The trips to Safeway. I think in one night, there were five trips to Safeway, all made by different people. And everyone failed to get me lollipops. But Todd did get his Chips Ahoy! :)

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