Saturday, June 25, 2011

Book Review: Illusions by Aprilynne Pike

If you have not already heard of Aprilynne Pike, you need to run to your nearest library ASAP. Because she is one of the best young adult fiction writers I have ever...met? Well, that I have ever, um, read her get the point.

Illusions is the third book in Aprilynne's fantastic faerie series. Illusions pulls us right back into the craziness of Laurel's life. Laurel is a faerie living in the human world. She continues to have boy problems (should she choose David, the human, who helped her when she first discovered what she really is, or Tamani, the faerie she shares an unknown past with and could easily fit into her future, no questions asked?). Thankfully, her parents and best friend Chelsea are finally all on the same mythical-stuff-exists page. Laurel's drama intensifies when Klea, the weird troll-hunter who always wears black, shows up again but this time with a faerie in tow - a faerie that, by faerie records, should not exist. Is Klea someone who can be trusted? Should Laurel befriend this new faerie or is she a threat? Why are the trolls suddenly able to withstand faerie magic? And should Laurel apply to college or go study Mixing in Avalon?

Basically, I love this series. Partly because it is about faeries, which I love. Partly because it is well-written and creative. And Partly because it has just the right mix of intensity, drama, magic, and romance. I highly recommend this series. (First book: Wings; Second book: Spells.)

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Abbs said...

I will read the first one if you will read the first one of one of my all time favorite series. The Beekeeper's Apprentice by Laurie R. King