Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hot Air Balloons and a Pup

If you are lucky enough to live in beautiful Tualatin, Oregon then you know that one weekend in late June, you will wake up to hot air balloons flying overhead thanks to Tigard, Oregon's Balloon Festival. (Well, maybe that should say the west side of Tualatin ...the east side may not be able to see the balloons - too many trees might be in the way [we have been labeled as the "Best Tree City" or something like that for the last 15 years - yay Tualatin!]. Bummer, you east-siders.) Well, anyways, I get to wake up to hot air balloons. When we first moved to Tualatin, we were not aware of this wonderful tradition. We woke up on our first day in our new house (it happened to be my birthday!) and there were hot air balloons basically right outside our windows! It was so exciting. Well, today, I woke up around 6:20am and a few minutes later, Murry started barking. I hurried down to let him out of his crate before he woke up everyone else. I left him chewing on his blanket (a weird quirk of his) while I went to get the newspaper. There were hot air balloons right there!I was so excited, so I hurried back in, fed Murry, changed, grabbed the leash, and Murry and I headed out on a hot-air-balloon-admiration walk. Murry probably expected a typical morning walk. Without thinking, I tried to draw Murry's attention to the hot air balloons. Big mistake. He saw the one right over our house and started barking his adorable little head off. I had to take him back inside to calm him down. Since I didn't want to miss the balloons, we went back outside once he had stopped freaking out. He started barking again, but not as bad. The whole walk he seemed antsy, but the hot air balloons looked amazing! I wish I had taken pictures to post, but I was preoccupied with a nervous dog and didn't think about that until it was too late. The hot air balloons are definitely one of the little joys in my life. I've decided I'd like to ride in one one day. :)

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