Monday, August 1, 2011

Book Review: The Frog Prince by Gillian McKnight

This is the sequel to To Catch a Prince. Once again, it was a fun read, but it also gave me huge feeling of deja vu. Helene and Alexis (remember, they are stepsisters) head off to Paris for the summer and once again have a very eligible man in their sights. But what happened to the British boys from the previous novel? Well apparently Simon, Alexis' catch, is no longer part of the story. And Lazlo, Helene's beau, has stopped emailing, which has Helene in the dumps and prompts her to set her sights on another guy. I felt like I was rereading the same story line for most of the novel. Near the end, it finally became it's own story, but it was pretty predictable, minus a long-lost-mother-showing-up-on-the-doorstep incident that seemed utterly ridiculous and random. It was almost like McKnight was trying to tie up loose ends that were never even loosened in these novels. There was basically no point to that scene. McKnight did successfully write another cutesy chick flick novel, but I don't recommend it, seeing as I read the same thing a few weeks ago (and I did enjoy it then). Honestly, I question why this novel was published.

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