Sunday, November 6, 2011

Book Review: Rules of Engagement by Stephanie Fowers

This is another cheesy piece of LDS fiction - but I loved it! Fowers did a fantastic job of being entertaining and witty and keeping the story light even as it focused on stuff that really bugs every college co-ed. She used all of the LDS lingo, or more specifically, the BYU lingo. It was so great!

Basically, the story is told from Samantha's point of view as she tries to get a guy to like her. She is 25, and in BYU years, that's kinda old. The novel goes through her and her roommates silly (but realistic!) shenanigans as they try to catch a guy. It involved so many typical BYU scenes - ridiculous pranks, intramural basketball games, Ultimate Frisbee, "Chastity Line" jokes, dessert nights, and so much dating drama.

Rules of Engagement was totally ridiculous, but also just plain fun. And (I'm sure you already guessed this part) 100% clean. Yay! I definitely recommend this novel to anyone who wants to laugh at the dating game. And if you're a BYU co-ed, you'll appreciate it that much more!
Happy Reading!

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