Thursday, November 3, 2011


I LOVE Halloween! I mostly just love the dressing up. This year I went as Tonks, from Harry Potter. :)I'm super proud of my costume, so I'm going to tell you all about it.
Pink Hair! That was the biggest part. I bought a spray-on kind that basically just sits on your hair and comes our really easily. It made my hair all helmet-y for the day though, and that was gross.
I wore multiple necklaces. In the movies, Tonks always wears a choker, so I wore one of those and then some other Tonksish pieces.
My t-shirt was another favorite. I got a plain gray t-shirt and my very artistic roommate painted on "The Weird Sisters" in green with a wand symbol. SO COOL. For those of you who don't know, The Weird Sisters are (yes, the witches in Macbeth) a band in Harry Potter.
The jacket was just because the movie Tonks usually has a hooded jacket on under her cloak.
My little sis thought I should "clutter" up my wrists, because that seemed appropriate for Tonks' puny look. Thus, lots of bracelets.
I painted my nails a sparkly purple - very Tonks.
I wore my regular skinny jeans.
I bought boots! I've been wanting flat, black boots and this was the perfect excuse to actually buy some! I got them at Payless in the kid's section, so they were cheap! Yay!
The Wand! The wand and the pink hair are what made this work. It's my roommate's wand.
The cloak is actually my graduation gown. My mom sent it to me just for Halloween.
This was easily my favorite costume ever! And people knew who I was! I got multiple randoms on campus going "Tonks!" It was so great!

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Jennifer said...

Really? They let you go to class with that hair color!?! Wow. I've heard of people getting honor coded for things like that, even on Halloween! Great costume, girl!