Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Book Review: Theodore Boone, The Abduction

Grisham's back! This is his second Theo Boone book, and it was also very good. In this one, Theo's best friend, April, has been kidnapped and an escaped convict has shown up in town from California. Everyone is convinced the two things are connected. Theo can't stand by and not do anything for his friend, so he organizes some searches with his friends and puts up fliers with April's picture. But then a body is found in the river, the convict won't talk, and Theo starts to suspect someone else. With the help of his kind of crazy uncle Ike, and his friend Chase, Theo decides to save April himself.

This book was fast-paced and fun. Again, some minor story lines were thrown in for basically no good reason. And I found a few back-story holes between this book and his first Theo Boone book. But Grisham continues to capture the perfect writing style for his audience and characters. I recommend this book, especially if you enjoy the show Psych. :)
Happy Reading!

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