Monday, April 26, 2010

From mountains to trees

Well, its over. I have officially finished my first year at BYU. I've been living in Utah for the last 10 months and the contrast between there and Oregon is so drastic! Its no greener here than normal, but it seems incredibly green compared to the browns of Utah. Driving home, the sky seemed really low because there were no mountains. That doesn't happen here though because the trees are so tall. I like being home with the fam and my home ward and Murry, but I'm missing all my BYU friends. At the end of summer term and fall semester, we weren't really saying goodbye, it was just "see you in two weeks." Now its goodbye for either a few months or two plus years. Its kind of sad - endings are never that fun. Well, hello summer and goodbye school. See you in the fall.

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