Saturday, April 30, 2011

Book Review: The Fairy's Return by Gail Carson Levine

The BYU Bookstore was having a 20% off every children's or YA book sale so of course I took advantage of it! I bought this book, thinking I could read it on the plane. Well, I didn't even read it on the plane ride home, but I did read it over this last week while babysitting five little boys (that's another adventure for another post). The Fairy's Return is a collection of short fairy tales that Levine has written. Yes, you do recognize that name; Levine is also the author of Ella Enchanted, The Two Princess of Bamarre, Fairest, and many others, all of which I highly recommend.
Anyways, this book has six short stories, all retellings of fairy tales. The book was an easy and quick read and I enjoyed each story immensely. Levine, or course, is an entertaining writer and her characters are very lovable. My favorite character may have been Parsley in "For Biddle's Sake," a girl with green teeth because all she eats is Parsley. I really enjoyed "The Princess Test" which was a spin off of The Princess and the Pea. Basically, these stories were quick, cute, and fun and I recommend this book and any other book by Gail Carson Levine.

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