Thursday, April 7, 2011

Writing Sample for Creative Writing

There was a picture yesterday in my school's newspaper of a girl in Europe riding a cow. But not just riding it, they were jumping over a bar. You know, the kind horses jump over. The girl was wearing a riding helmet and everything. It was super funny, so I based this writing sample off of that picture. Enjoy!

Molly knew the crowd was laughing at her but she didn’t care. She patted Bessie’s neck as they did the traditional lap around the arena. Molly eyed the bars they’d have to jump over. It didn’t look like anything more difficult than they had done in the past.

Bessie mooed as Molly steered her into position. She whipped her long tail at the flies on her back. Molly rubbed Bessie’s lucky spot – a splotch of dark brown on her neck.

Molly gently dug her heels into Bessie’s sides, and Bessie took off running. She galumphed up to the first bar and launched herself over it. Molly smiled at the surprised looks on the spectators faces. A jumping cow was a surprise.

They hustled around the arena, cleanly making it over every bar. Bessie mooed again as Molly climbed off her back and led her towards the stalls. Molly knew they had done their best so far at this event.

After all the other riders competed – all on horses – Molly waited impatiently for results. She was shocked to hear her name announced over the loud speakers. She and Bessie had won!

Reporters flooded around Bessie’s stall to ask Molly questions. Molly laughed at all the people who gathered around to see the cow that had won the competition. Bessie was a very special cow, and Molly was very proud of her.

The next day the newspaper headline said, “The Cow Jumps Over the Moon to Victory!” Molly clipped it out and tacked it up in Bessie’s stall. “Good girl, Bessie,” she said, rubbing Bessie’s lucky spot.

“Moo,” said Bessie.

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kathyg said...

I saw that pictures and article, too! I like your version better!