Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear Dr. Love

Every Valentines Day, the Daily Universe (BYU's campus newspaper) has someone take on the roll of Dr. Love. Anyone can send letters in to Dr. Love and few days before Valentines Day, the letters with their answers appear in the Daily Universe. This year, my Creative Writing professor sent us all an email telling us that he knows the girl being Dr. Love this year and that she had received no letters so far. So he challenged us to write a letter; it didn't matter, write a funny one. So I did. And it was published on page six of the Daily Universe. Here is my letter and Dr. Love's answer. Go ahead and Laugh!

Dr. Love,
Help! I am in love with the most perfect man. He is impossibly beautiful - he basically looks like a Greek god. He is tall and buff. He has a flawless face: a strong chin, straight nose, full and luscious lips. I want to kiss those lips so bad! His hair is a unique bronze color and I wish I could run my fingers through it all day. I get sucked into his topaz eyes and can't stop looking at them. He is the ideal gentleman; he is charming, polite, courteous, thoughtful, gracious, charismatic...sigh. I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love. He doesn't know I exist. What do I do?

Girl who wants to say it out loud.

Girl Who Wants to Say it Out Loud,
Be careful. Vampires bite.
MD Dr. Love

hahahaha! I am so glad she got my Twilight references! Otherwise, that would've been a GIANT flop. I even Wikepedia'd "Edward Cullen" to be reminded of the sappy descriptions. :)
WOOHOO to something I wrote being in print!


Krista said...

Ahahaha. :D That's absolutely fantastic!

Ariel said...

I totally called it! Don't forget who pointed this out to you. :)