Saturday, February 26, 2011


Saturdays are full of possibilities. :)
Today I watched the BYU vs. SDSU basketball game. It was the first on I've watched all season and it was great! A close game, really exciting. It was fun. We won 80 to 67. Go Cougars!
So I re-read my poem from the previous post. I am sorry I put you all up to that; it was horrible. Worse than I remembered. Sorry about that.
I have a interview scheduled with people from Aspen Grove; wish me luck!
It is almost March, how weird is that? March means a visit from Emily, one month closer to the end of the semester and home. March means winter should be over, but we all know it won't be. It's also full of birthdays! Jared, Tanner, Heidi, that order. Woohoo!
I was buying cards the other day and they have St. Patrick's Day cards. What? Really? Ok, I guess. That holiday makes no sense to me...
anyways, Have a great day!

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