Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Poetry for Creative Writing

I didn't post my other poem because it was awful. Really awful. But here's my new one. Hopefully you'll find it amusing. (It's all true.)

I walk home briskly,
Ignoring the cold.
My mind is somewhere else,
With a topic that is never old.

I try to hurry,
Because I can’t wait.
I’m like a fish,
And it’s the bait.

It consumes my mind
Even my dreams.
A simple TV show
But oh the happiness it brings.

I hurry to my laptop,
I turn it on quick.
Grab my blanket, a pillow
And a lollipop to lick.

I pull up Hulu on the internet
“Secret Garden” I type.
The Korean faces fill the screen
And I get so psyched.

I sit there and watch
I laugh, I cry, I scream.
I know all the characters
And the background songs they sing.

I read the English subtitles,
Some Korean words I learn.
This love of Korean drama
Is intense like a burn.

I am addicted to Korean dramas,
My friends can’t comprehend.
But I love watching the scenes unfold,
Character’s lives on the mend.

The characters have changed me,
They will never leave my head.
Now at night I wish for
Korean drama dreams in bed.

(Have you noticed I don't title my writings? I need to get better at titling things. Any suggestions for this one?)

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