Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Giant Pad of Possibilities!

I used to have a giant pad of blank paper. My grandparents gave it to me and I LOVED IT. If I was frustrated or upset, I'd go to my room, turn on country music, and draw on that pad of paper for hours. It totally calmed me down. I've greatly missed that pad of paper...

A few weeks ago, my old roommate came over to visit. When I opened the door, she held out a giant pad of lined paper. She said, "My apartment had this for a while, but now there's no room. I thought you'd like it." I was SO THRILLED. She honestly has no idea how excited I was. It's not quite the same as the blank paper, but my biggest hobby now is writing, so the lines are great. I am so excited to start writing out story ideas and random thoughts on this Giant Pad of Possibilities!

I hung it on my wall since it's so big. :)

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