Thursday, September 8, 2011

Will breaks my back

On the left is my American Literature textbook. On the right is my monster of a textbook for my Shakespeare class. I have officially named that huge book Will so I can say things like, "Will is so heavy!" and "I hate you, Will!" Ugh. I tried carrying him in my backpack, but my oh-so-wise sister said it'd be better to balance the weight and carry him in my arms. It did help by back, but it's still annoying.

I feel pretty cultured thanks to this Shakespeare class. I am slowly adding his works to my "Classics I Have Read" list. I have read Romeo and Juliet (freshman year of high school), Taming of the Shrew (sophomore year of HS), Macbeth (senior year of HS), Othello (freshman year at BYU), and now The Merchant of Venice. And a ton of Shakespeare's sonnets, which are actually pretty beautiful (but I will argue that they are redundant).

AND! I forgot that I had 3 acts of the Merchant of Venice to read over the weekend, so I ended up having to read them the morning of class (EEK!). BUT GUESS WHAT?! I read all 3 acts in an HOUR! Yay, me! Basically, I was crazy proud of that. I didn't just speed-read, I comprehended! That made me feel a lot less stressed about this class. :)

So, yup. Feel blessed that you don't have a book the size of the universe to carry around. And go read some Shakespeare! He's not as annoying as I thought...


Abbs said...

I took a Shakespeare class as well. My books weren't as huge as Will is. I learned a lot. You'll like Shakespeare. I'd keep that book if I were you.

I'm Lindsey. . . said...

Yay for Will! I get to see his lovely face every Tuesday and Thursday!