Sunday, March 27, 2011

Book Review: The Secret Life of Prince Charming by Deb Caletti

So, good news! I finally have a Provo City Library card! Woohoo! So with my brand new card (it has a frog on it!) I checked out three books. The Secret Life of Prince Charming was one of my selections. It wasn't until the book was in my room that I realized I have read another book by Deb Caletti. That one was called The Nature of Jade in case you'd like to know.

The Secret Life of Prince Charming was a good read. WARNING though, it had a TON of swearing. And that makes me sad, especially in YA stuff. Anyways, it's about a girl Quinn, her sister, Sprout, and their adventure to return items their dad has kept from all his past girlfriends/significant others/wives. You get the idea. He's had plenty of relationships and Quinn figures out that he keeps items that belong to each woman after their relationship ends. So Quinn and Sprout contact their half sister, Frances Lee, and they embark on a quest to return as many items as possible to all the women.

I thought the idea was very unique, and the book continued to be unique in every aspect: the characters, the dialogue, the events... Caletti's writing style is also unique. Basically, the whole book is unique. This book had a lot of really good quotes. One of my favorites was this, "We should not give away a moment to anyone who does not deserve it" (129). Maybe it's sort of got a bad attitude, but there is also some truth to it. So I recommend this book, but remember, the swearing is not part of the recommendation.


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