Monday, March 28, 2011

Book Review: Wolves, Boys, and Other Things that Might Kill Me by Kristen Chandler

I first heard about this book last semester. Kristen Chandler is LDS and so I heard about it in my LDS Literature class. But it didn't catch my attention at the time, so I didn't read it. MISTAKE!

Wolves, Boys, and Other Things that Might Kill Me is another one of the books I checked out with my brand new library card. My friend recommended it to me. And let me just say, This Book Is Amazing! This is Chandler's first novel and I am in awe. It is well written, creative, funny, thought provoking, intriguing, and I learned a lot about wolves. This is definitely one of the best works of Young Adult Fiction I have ever read.

The novel's heroine is KJ Carson who doesn't quite fit in in her tiny home town of West End, Montana, right on the edge of Yellowstone National Park. Wolves have been reintroduced to Yellowstone which has caused a bit of an uproar in the town. KJ starts writing a column in the school newspaper following the wolves but she doesn't realize the fire she is helping to feed. Things get ugly during a town Christmas parade and KJ is quickly involved. Of course the new guy in town gets involved too (in more ways than one). KJ is a girl that a lot of teenagers can relate to. She's got school problems, parent problems, friend problems, and self-image problems. But she is also passionate and learns to not just keep her head down when it comes to something she believes in. This novel was fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone. I'm a little sad it's over and I look forward to any other novels by Kristen Chandler.

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