Thursday, March 3, 2011

Writing Sample for Creative Writing

For this writing sample I asked Allie to give me some random topic. Her idea was Giraffes. So that's what I wrote about, sort of. Tell me what you think, cuz I think I could extend this one and get a pretty neat story out of it! Enjoy! (Oh, and remember, writing samples are only a page of writing, so there is no ending.)

Jenny strutted into her apartment, ear buds in, smiling as she mouthed the lyrics to the newest Brooks and Dunn song. She set her bag down and swished her hips as she pulled out her cell phone, notebook, and laptop. She set them on the scratched kitchen table, and turned to the fridge, looking for a snack.

Her roommate, Betty walked in. “Hey, Jenny…” She stopped talking when she noticed the ear buds. Instead, she sat down at the table to wait for Jenny to notice her. She picked up Jenny’s notebook and rolled her eyes. “Jenny!” she yelled.

Jenny turned, pulling out the right ear bud. “Oh, hey, Betty. What’s up?”

“Another giraffe notebook?” Betty waved the notebook in the air. It was yellow with a comical orange giraffe on the front.

“It was too cute to pass up,” explained Jenny. “Plus, look at the inside!”

Betty opened the notebook and couldn’t help smiling. Each page had a small cartoon giraffe in the bottom corner. They were doing silly things, like ballet and surfing.

“And it’s made with recycled paper.” Jenny added proudly. “And here, look at the pen that came with it.” She pulled a yellow pen out of her bag. It had the same cartoon giraffes from the notebook on it. “Isn’t that fun?”

“Oh Jenny. You’re so funny.” Betty propped her feet up on one of the other kitchen chairs. “So how are the plans coming?”

Jenny turned off her ipod and sat down at the table with a handful of blueberries.

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Krista said...

Mmmm blueberries. :) I like it so far.