Thursday, March 10, 2011

Writing Sample for Creative Writing

Remember, a Writing Sample is a page of whatever. :)

The pressure left her lips and she felt the difference. This wasn’t sleep anymore, she was finally awake! She laid there, focusing on each sense.

She was holding something. She could feel something long, and firm, but it also gave when she pushed against it. She could feel smooth fabric, silk maybe? She could also feel warmth on her face. It felt like afternoon sunshine. A slight breeze blew across her cheeks. She must be near a window.

She gave a forceful, but silent sniff. Flowers. That’s what she was holding. She could smell them now. Roses, her favorite. They smelled fresh and clean. They reminded her of ball gowns and parties. She could also smell fresh air; there had to be a window.

She listened hard. She could hear birds, probably outside. She was sure of a window now. She could also hear someone’s breathing. It was quiet, but rapid. Whoever had woken her up was anticipating something.

Slowly, very slowly, she opened her eyes. Bright sunlight flooded into her them and they sparked with pain. She shut them again. It had been so long since she had seen anything. Carefully, she opened her eyes again. She squinted against the sun and her eyes slowly adjusted. She was right; there was a window, right by the bed. What a glorious bed! There was a draping canopy and the woodwork was beautiful. She looked down and saw bright red roses. A bird landed on the windowsill and she smiled at it.

“Princess?” She turned her head and her vision was filled by a very handsome face. Strong jaw, sharp cheek bones, light brown hair, deep brown eyes. And rosy lips. She reached up to feel her own lips. Yes, those two sets of lips had touched. This was her prince.

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