Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Woe of Tuna Sandwiches

In my British Literature class, we had to write a 20 line monologue as a creative assignment. Mine is based off Jeannie in The Luckiest Girl by Beverly Cleary. Enjoy!

These tuna sandwiches, they are so dull,
And half the time, they don’t make me full.
I wish for elegant lunches served on a tray
Where I could eat whatever, and have my say.
I’d select little shortbread cookies on frilly cloths
And dainty rolls that would make my guests pause.
“How perfectly delightful!” they would proclaim
And because of my lunches, I’d have much fame.
People would hear of me for miles around
And to my table, with invitations they’d bound.
Their expectations the lunch would surpass
Maybe they’d be served crab or some fresh bass
I’d pick each item with attentive care
And serve delicacies, including drizzled pear.
My friends and neighbors would all agree,
“How lucky we are to have a friend like thee!
Your beautiful lunches are the talk of the town,
Each time we visit we shan’t be let down!”
Ah, those lunches! Of them I dream!
If I eat more tuna, I will scream!

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Krista said...

Haha, I love this! I really, really do. I've never read the book, but your poem is very entertaining. Very Judy Blume.