Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

In my British Literature class we've been talking about and reading stream of consciousness narratives. Example: Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Wolf. We had to write our own. Here's mine, based on my real experience from earlier today. Enjoy!

Walking home this way is definitely faster. I should do this more often. I should’ve worn my sunglasses; it’s not as overcast as I thought. That guy behind me has the weirdest laugh. It should not be this cold, its spring. I really should’ve worn my sunglasses.

“Are you headed home for lunch?”

Who is talking to me? “Yup.” Why is this random talking to me? Ugh. I hate talking to strangers. He’s in Men’s Chorus, that’s awesome.

“I’m Devon. What’s your name?”

“Allie.” And now we’re going to be stuck walking and talking together till one of us has to go the other way. I should’ve called mom.

“It’s nice to meet you.”

Oh shoot, he wants to shake my hand. Why do people always want to shake hands? Great, and now he’s looking at his hand. Well that’s just super. I’m outside, why are my hands still sweaty? This is dumb. It’s your own fault, bud. You wanted to shake my hand.

“Where are you headed?”

Please don’t be going as far as me. “Glenwood. Where are you going?”

“The Riviera.”

Dang. Basically as far as me. I have to come up with things to talk about the whole walk home. I really should’ve called mom.

Typical BYU get to know you questions. Where are you from? What year are you? What’s your major? Sigh. We should walk faster. I’m so hungry. And I really should’ve worn my sunglasses. And I should’ve called mom. I think I’ll eat that pasta for lunch. At least this guy is keeping the conversation up. Oh good, he’s leaving. “Yeah, nice to meet you too.” Whew. That was awkward. I’m glad it’s over. I am so making this light.


A Mitton said...

Dude. You gave him MY name?

Megz said...

Not in REAL LIFE. sheesh. Just for the written version.